Dry Filtration

Filters That Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Filter-All can help solve your air filtration and dust collection problems. Our managers and employees have accrued over 75 years of experience in this field and have made many successful recommendations on media selection to resolve those tough collection problems.

We Stock All of the Most Popular Dust Collection Fabrics

Filter-All manufactures many dust bags from various synthetic fibers of woven and non-woven fabrics for installation in ambient as well as high-temperature applications. Filter-All manufactures all OEM styles of filter bags, cages, pleated filters, and cartridge filters.

Filter-All Manufactures High-Quality Filter Bags of Virtually Any Size

Style, configuration, and capacity for any make of dust collector. If necessary, grounding wires of stainless steel or copper can be sewn into your bags for applications that are prone to the buildup of static charge. Special conductive felts, containing carbon or stainless fibers, are also used for especially critical situations

Pulse-jet, cartridge, shaker, and reverse airflow-style filters are available.

Filter-All manufactures pulse-jet and plenum pulse filter bags. These bags use support cages to allow airflow from the exterior of the bag and exiting through the interior. Top constructions consist of a snap band, flange top, ring top, soft cuffs, or raw edge. Bottom removal bags are constructed with a raw top or soft cuff. Top and bottom removal filter bags have disc bottoms. A wear strip is sometimes attached to the bottom portion of the filter bag to prevent any premature wear from bag-to-bag and/or bag-to-cage abrasion.

Filter-All provides a wide variety of filter bags for use in shaker-type collectors. We manufacture filter bags from woven and shaker felt. We offer various types of top attachments to work with the shaker mechanism you have, whether it is a loop, hanger, strap, grommet, or we may help you design one to fit your needs. Our bottom attachments can be made with snap bands, corded cuffs, or reinforced cuffs for extra wear protection.

Filter-All manufactures a wide variety of reverse-air bags. Typical top designs are strap top, loop top, cord top cuff, compression band with steel caps, or grommet top bags. Bottoms include raw edge, cuffed, compression band, or beaded cuff. Anti-collapse rings of mild steel, stainless steel, and other alloys are placed along the bag at the proper points for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Besides the common filter bags, Filter-All Inc. is capable of producing custom filter bags and envelope-style bags for your dust collector.

Cages provide a means of holding the filter bag open during the particulate collection cycle. Cages must be strong to withstand the pressure from the filter bag exerted during the particulate collection cycle. We manufacture both rigid wire and an interlocking design. We routinely manufacture cages out of carbon steel, galvanized, stainless steel, and also offer special alloy cages and provide coatings such as epoxy or Teflon® to extend cage life in demanding applications.

We provide a wide range of configurations to best fulfill your needs. Top load cages are available with a T-flange, ring top, or several styles of rolled flange tops. Bottom load cages are constructed with a split collar or split ring top. If plenum height restrictions are a problem, two-piece cages available.

For more efficient cleaning, venturis are available for all diameter cages. Venturis come in 3” or 6” length and are made in a variety of materials: aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized, and stainless steel.

We offer a full line of pleated filter cartridges